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Welcome to The Shabby Suitcase - a blog documenting the creative outlets and general wanderings of a nomadic twenty-something. 


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Unruly Alive

Marissa Conway


the look: coat by H&M, bag by Skinny Dip, dress by Reiss, shoes by Nine West


The past few months have been a series of starting and starting over, flinging myself into the deep end and then dragging myself out for fear of drowning.  I find myself repeating like a mantra - I just want to know what I'm doing! - because in all I do, I make it up as I go.  I crave stability but relish in the adventure that newness always brings; for all the delight in turning my life into an odyssey, I am constantly bone-tired and overworked.  As always, it seems what I do flows through a series of contradictions.  And in the end, I'm lead back to the one lesson I'm always certain I've internalized until I need to learn it again: quite simply, to trust myself.  Because despite the delirium: the people in my life, the business I've started, the knowledge I've gained, even the way I dust on my makeup each morning - I've never felt more solidly and organically me.  I'm alive, an unruly alive, the kind of alive that leads me to brazenly jump into the tide in desperate hope of getting swept away, because to be out of control has become my comfort zone.