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Welcome to The Shabby Suitcase - a blog documenting the creative outlets and general wanderings of a nomadic twenty-something. 


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The Crux

Marissa Conway


the look: coat from Zara, dress from Zara, boots from Topshop


Life is full of ups and downs but I always have my city, its cold grey and glass anatomy that strangely warms my heart like no place ever has.  Most British people I meet ask me why - for the love of god why! - did I move from sun-haven California to such a dreary place, and to be honest I still haven't managed to string the words together in a way that even I can comprehend.  Because London is not an easy city.  When I first moved here, a friend told me that London can and will fuck you up.  It is far from tranquil and getting swept up in the anonymity of eight billion people is as easy as breathing.  But it also provides the opportunity to tailor your life exactly how you might choose - and no, this does not mean having the money to afford a certain lifestyle, but rather having the courage to adopt a certain mindset.  This is the challenge and comfort in living an adventurous life - emotional creativity and adaptability are the crux of surviving in a big world.  Allowing myself to get swept up into the whirl seems to be the only reasonable thing to do.  And being present in each moment, making my life my own, means than when all other options run out I just choose to laugh, because sometimes that's all you can do.