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Five Months

Marissa Conway


the location: Bath, England


the look: coat from H&M, bag from Zara, boots and sunnies from Topshop, playsuit from Anthropologie


It's been five months and what a whirlwind.  I've been swept away and never felt more grounded.  Each day seems like a adventure in maintaining what scraps of sanity I have left and simultaneously conquering the world like the boss bitch I am.  Because we all are boss bitches - and I suggest we collectively be done with the odd sense that acknowledging our self worth somehow falls into narcissism or naivety.  Perhaps knowing and owning your worth begs wisdom more than anything else could.  

2016 has simultaneously been the worst and best, to continue with this theme of paradoxical living.  Though it's never been realistic to section off bits of life here and other pieces there, we've all seemed so enthralled by labels and categories and keeping things neatly classified.  But the year of academia I've just digested keeps shouting "Nuance! Where's the nuance!"  The roar of empty noise is deafening, so 2017 will be a study in caliber, quelling anxiety and racket, and meeting complexity with a level head.  May we find some resemblance of peace at the end of 2016 and a fire to motivate us in 2017.