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The End of Summer

Marissa Conway


the look: top by Zara, thrifted tank, shorts by J Brand

This will probably be one of the last times I can wear this lovely blue embroidered piece (something that for no real reason, makes me think of Finland).  Summer is at an end, and for the first time, I've begun to notice how wildly the sun effects my mood.  Even a few sparse rays of sunlight peeking out from the gloomy London clouds immediately lifts my spirits.  It's no wonder that the English love to chat about the weather, always holding out hope for the sun, but British weather is hardly small talk worthy.  There aren’t earthquakes, or floods, or tornados, or hurricanes.  No, just an occasional sprinkle of rain that sends London into a frenzy, which apparently is enough to provide conversational material for days on end. 

I took a leaf out of Hermione Granger's book before moving here - when in doubt, read.  Between Londoners and The Anglo Files, I learned that British people will literally die before they complain, and that they pride themselves on their orderly queues, while in most other areas, are fascinatingly disorganized.  I myself have learned that it takes a month to open a bank account, and customer service isn't necessarily a priority.  It's a different kind of culture shock - though much of American culture was adapted from the English lifestyle, the subtle differences between our two countries are just enough to throw off my groove, if you will.  Nothing is straightforward, and everything is more difficult that it needs to be.  It may sound harsh, but there are pros to living here too: English kettles boil water in 60 seconds - because if you can’t open a bank account, at least you can tackle your frustration with a cup of tea.