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Whirring Words

Marissa Conway

the look: dress by Sara C, belt from Anthropologie, shoes by Zigi Soho, sunnies from Target

This week my mind has been absolutely whirring with words.  They tirelessly dance around on their own and no matter how many times I tell my brain no no, it's time for bed now, they won't settle.  Whirring on about the tragic curse of negative body image, about the recent Republican debate and what that might say about the state of my country, and whether I can ever find the right words to describe how perfect a summer rain is on a warm California night, big juicy drops falling from the sky and terrorizing my cat who has just recently fallen in love with the outdoors.  It whirrs on and on about travel and dating and friendship and my sometimes self-involvement that means I almost forget a friend's birthday.  It seems that most of these days I'm wrapped up in my mind, my words my world.  And the only thing to calm the flurry is to sit in front of my computer and let my fingertips flit across the keyboard, uncertain of what I'm even trying to achieve, only certain that these pesky little thoughts must get out of my head and somewhere a little more organized, a little more tranquil.  If only magic were real and I could buy a Pensieve - then I could gaze at my thoughts like watching a play, fit them together like a puzzle and stop forgetting important things.  But alas, I'm just a muggle.  And until I find Harry Potter in London and claim the benefits of wizarding magic, I suppose writing will have to suffice.