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Welcome to The Shabby Suitcase - a blog documenting the creative outlets and general wanderings of a nomadic twenty-something. 


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Marissa Conway

the look: headband from Urban Outfitters, dress from H&M, shoes by Birkenstock

It's amazing how little annoyances simply melt away in light of true contentment, a theory just now reinforced by my nonchalant reaction to burning my tongue on a quiche - it doesn't matter!  Nothing can dampen my day!  I'm lounging on the front patio of a darling cafe in Washington DC, spending a few days with a wildly inspirational friend, so far having touched on a multitude of topics - feminism, blog aesthetics, humanitarian woes and dreamy (and sometimes not so dreamy) travels - and I've been here all of 18 hours.  I bumbled my way to DC with three colossal suitcases, stuffed to the brim with the entire contents of my life, only reaching my friend's apartment at the mercy of passersby that took serious pity on me, stopping for a moment to help me through a door, or to give directions that I instantly forgot.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I sat next to a cat on my flight?  This kindness from strangers and very fortunate plane seating have left me wonderstruck, like the universe is giving me happy signs of comfort (because it's sole existence is to give twenty somethings spiritual guidance, no?).  I'm in my element - mid travel, a little bit lost, with lots to look forward to.  I'm not entirely sure anything can get me down right now.