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Welcome to The Shabby Suitcase - a blog documenting the creative outlets and general wanderings of a nomadic twenty-something. 


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Heart and Soul

Marissa Conway

the look: hat from Anthropologie, top from Anthropologie, shorts from Urban Outfitters, shoes from Aldo, sunglasses from Lavish

I'm already nostalgic for the shimmering, flaxen hills of the Bay Area, eager for the next chapter of my life but infinitely sad to be leaving the magic of the West Coast.  I grew up on these hills, running around with my sister until we were absolutely breathless, trying to soak in the wild outdoors.  We tromped up and down the dirt paths like we owned them, always impatient to reach the farm at the end of the road, hopeful to catch glimpses of the baby goats and pigs in the spring.  Even now I hike these trails as a 26 year old and am simply incapable of walking past the barn without stopping to say hello to Luna the cow, or trying to coax the sheep close enough to fence so I can pat their woolen coats.  My soul belongs to the bustling, rain blurred streets of London, but my heart is claimed by the warm, golden sunshine of California.