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California Summer

Marissa Conway

the look: dress by Anthropologie, shoes by Audrey Brooke, sunglasses from Target

The heat hangs heavy, clinging to me like a wool sweater.  My house is nestled between the hills and the bay - too far for the creeping ocean fog to reach its fingers and just escaping any traces of the cool bay breeze that brings relief to the rest of the peninsula.  I find myself on edge, overwhelmed by a constant uncomfortable swelter, yet desperately soaking up my last few days of summer.  That freedom to run around barefoot, rocking wet hair, sipping sangria with friends on a balmy 75° degree evening.  The sweet relief of home brewed iced tea and a lazy dip in my neighbor's pool.  I know when I find myself in the thick of that famed London fog I'll dream of a California summer, the ease of slipping on a short cotton dress, no bra, and dancing my way through the day.  Soon enough I'll be dripping with scarves instead of sweat, buried in layer upon layer of fabric to ward off the bone biting cold.  So until the London chill seeps in, I raise my glass of iced whatever-I'm-drinking, and vow to enjoy the process of slowly melting on my patio.