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The Fear

Marissa Conway

the look: top by silence + noise, skirt by Signature, shoes by Nine West, sunglasses from Target, thrifted bag 

There was a period of my life, about four months, where I've never felt more me.  It was as if my soul had been boiled down to concentrate - that's what I was living, that's who I was being.  Since then, I've spent my life chasing that alive version of myself, the version of me that doesn't sleepwalk through each week.  And that's why a part of me is terribly afraid to move back to London - I'm afraid that my time there can never be duplicated, and that I'm chasing the glamorous days of my past with people that are no longer there and a Marissa that has irreversibly changed.  I'm afraid that I'll arrive there and continue to be exhausted, overwhelmed, and forget to savor life, which I find myself doing so often lately.  London is my spirit city, and I want to soak it all in, appreciate the small moments of my existence that I seem to gloss over all too easily right now.  I want to see the world through rose colored glasses again.  And I know it won't magically happen without me deciding it will happen.  So I suppose I will decide - decide to make ritual the appreciation of each intricate detail of my world.