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Pandora's Box

Marissa Conway


the look: For Love and Lemons San Marcos mini dress, sunglasses from Target, shoes by Zigi Soho

I am Pandora’s Box

Can you handle me

When I am open wide?

Can you stand in the midst

Of my light and my storm equally?


I don't put much stock in astrology, but every once in a while when I uncover yet another moment of duality in my personality I think "Aha!  My Gemini is showing."  These complexities and dissenting opinions and changing patterns - all within one very small person in a very large universe - are the very bone of humanity.  Everyone I meet is their own Pandora's Box, and sometimes we can hardly handle what is our own, let alone what belongs to others.  We can gloss over the complicated with smiling pictures and submissive words and live our lives in black and white - or we can hurl ourselves into a world of color, where the spectrum of a single person takes a lifetime to understand.  I prefer the color, the strangeness of my own Pandora's Box, the darker parts of my mind that I allow to walk equally with the light.

In the past year, I've strayed away from rules on behavior, away from rules that inform which thoughts should be in my mind and which I should banish.  I'm trying to become more comfortable with the uncomfortable within me, and it has lead me on a journey far away from the structured thought of theology and towards something a little more human.  I'm embracing my messy, my me, and am learning to love myself more and more every day.