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A Lazy Sunday

Marissa Conway

the look: top from Nordstrom, jeans by J Brand, sunglasses from Target, thrifted shoes and bag

This June marked the first time in four years that I have had my Sundays free.  I've always either worked or churched - so when I left a job in June, I was suddenly presented with a full weekend of nothing, and with this, decided to claim Sundays for my own again.  For the longest time I felt it necessary to utilize this spare day in the most productive way possible.  Saturdays were for me, and Sundays were meant for giving back, or earning money.  Certainly not a day for rest.  And maybe I've grown more selfish, maybe I've grown more apathetic, or maybe I've just grown to know myself better.  I know that I need quiet mornings, mornings when I'm woken up not by an alarm clock, but by the soft meows of a cat wanting to snuggle.  Mornings when I groggily wander outside to water my garden with a steaming cup of green tea, still in my pajamas.  No rushing, no worrying about places to be or things to do.  This is my Sunday.  I'm taking it back.