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Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to The Shabby Suitcase - a blog documenting the creative outlets and general wanderings of a nomadic twenty-something. 


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Marissa Conway

the look: romper from Urban Outfitters, belt from Anthropologie, shoes from Aldo, sunglasses from Target

I decided to start The Shabby Suitcase for a variety of reasons.  A beautiful outfit set against a hazy sunset makes my soul flutter.  I have things to say, and I want to be heard.  My heart is restless, and I find my feet (and my camera) often following suit.  

All these curiosities merge together to shape this blog - a form of self expression that mirrors narcissism.  Personal words paired with pictures of myself don't exactly strike a humble chord.  Who am I to be posting such frivolity?  The thought that anyone might be interested in my voice, in my style, in my perception of beauty, seems nonsensical, to be frank.  But in my attempts to toe the line between growing up and staying young, I have learned that I must do what bring me joy, regardless of how others see it.  And one of my joy-bringers is blogging.

So here we are, another day, another outfit, another paragraph of word vomit.  Enjoy :)