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Crop Top Shoptalk

Marissa Conway

the look: top by Brandy Mellville, skirt from Anthropologie, sunglasses from Therapy, thrifted shoes

I worship at the altar of Oprah.  As Amy Schumer once put it, "Women cannot deny the authority of their therapist and/or Oprah."  So imagine my dismay when I learned via social media explosion that Oprah had included a borderline body shaming article on crop tops in her most recent magazine:

"Q: Can I pull off a crop top?

If (and only if) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one.  For more courage, layer the top over a longer shirt."

Well fuck that.

I think it's safe to say that almost every woman I know has a complicated relationship with her body.  I include myself in this generalization - due to a year of fabulous food and wine in Napa, I've blossomed into larger clothing sizes, and oh lord does it drive me mad.  I fully understand that I am a knockout blonde bombshell no matter what my body looks like, but I still have days where I simply feel fat.  Luckily, I have a very wise sister who regularly reminds me that fat is not a feeling, and size doesn't matter.  

I don't have a flat stomach.  I'm no size 2 (I know this because the skirt I'm wearing above is a size 2 and doesn't come remotely close to zipping up).  But I'll be damned if Oprah's advice or any feelings of insecurity put a stop to my summer crop top dreams.  So here's my crop top advice to all the women out there who are working hard to love their bodies and sometimes falling short: if you want to wear a crop top, then wear the god damn crop top.