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I am Not a Nice Girl

Marissa Conway

This past weekend I borrowed my friend's copy of "Nice is Just a Place in France" for a leisurely read while we soaked up some sun in Malibu.  In the end, I wasn't entirely captivated by the book, but there was a sharp and witty chapter addressing Nice Girls.  Nice Girls are sweet and quiet.  Nice Girls let other people speak up.  Nice Girls get overlooked.  

I am not a Nice Girl.  But sometimes I act like one. 

A few weeks ago someone asked me if having a period would get in the way of my career - and they were dead serious.  I wanted to yell at them.  I wanted to throw my drink in their face.  (I'm glad I didn't though because that wine was delicious.  And expensive.)  But I completely blanked.  I played it off as a joke, and then just wrapped up the conversation.  It was only a few days later that I told them how inappropriate that comment was.  

I err on the side of nice, but I wish I could say I err on the side of bold.  Growing up I was always told how opinionated and stubborn I was, like they were negative qualities.  I let my boldness get squished by the naysayers, and it's taken me years to try and get it back.

I am not a Nice Girl.  I am a Bold Girl.  It's time I start acting like it.