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Marissa Conway


So what does spirituality look like in 2016?  Certainly something beyond the dusty walls of a worn building.  I have long fallen out of rhythm with church songs, now finding empty words in the exhalation of God, who is definitely a man, because gender neutrality does not apply to deities, you silly. The pressure to be better and do more consumed by heart and left me hollow, so without planning an exit I suddenly found myself away, away from what had been a home for my entire life but chiefly away from the rules and the structure that demanded every bit of me and left nothing for myself.  Spirituality is not meant to drain but to fill, to ask questions that can't possibly be answered and bring peace to madly cluttered hearts.  I had lost my peace, so I walked away, and picked it up again in tarot cards, yoga, photography, cat cuddles, and a happy cup of earl grey tea, embracing the through that maybe these little tricks can bring some serenity.  I want to breathe in my world and let the universe guide me like your basic twenty something while girl should do.  So for now, this is my 2016 spirituality.