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I'll Be Home For Christmas

Marissa Conway


the look: scarf from Zara, tank from Forever 21, skirt from Topshop, shoes from Topshop, sunnies from Topshop


Month four of my move to London, and in some ways it feels like the first chapter of my adventure here has come to a close.  I'm back in California for Christmas, head full of busy thoughts, so eager to be in the land of sunshine but a bit hesitant to be leaving London for even two weeks.  Moving somewhere entirely new takes heaps of energy, time and money - not to mention patience, which I have very little of.  So building a life from scratch has been no easy feat.  It's one that (despite and maybe because of the lows) has left me a bit dizzier for the thrill of life. 

It seems the majority of the people I know are in various states of transience, and I find myself in frequent discussion attempting to once and for all! understand how to define home wherever I am.  And each time I think I may be on to something concrete, it slips through my fingers.  Home is in glimpses, in the taste of a pistachio macaron, or the sound of my sister's voice, or the smell of my stinky cat.  They're silly things, but they're my favorite things.  And perhaps if I were to find myself in one place which gave me everything I wanted and needed - would I even stay?  Maybe this is the curse of wanderlust - each new city is a room in my global house, each new community a branch of my extended family.